Have you checked out what our speakers are giving away to 1 lucky winner? Simply attend their webinar live and we'll automatically enter you into the prize draw.

First Gift of Resilience - Pamela Cowan


Business By Referral Blueprint - Virginia Muzquiz

Follow my Business By Referral Blueprint and create Consistent Revenue. The concepts are easy enough to follow, but you have to know what steps to take.

Get your easy to follow blueprint and start getting consistent results today!

Just like you wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, you don't want to be building your business without a blueprint that will help you set up the right foundation, the right components and all the bells and whistles that make your house your home. Business is no different. You want to start with the right foundation, bring in the right people and build your business.

Health Heart Kit - Tracy Edwards, RN, MSN, NP

Success Intake Form - Tom Beal

Asking yourself better questions leads to better results. Tom Beal's success intake form is not only the starting point for all of his elite clients in gaining clarity on where they are and where they are wanting to go, but is now your starting point to answering the important questions that will lead you to your next level.

Money Magnet Program - Tiffany Cano

20 Prosperity Healing for Empaths to be Money Magnets

Market to Message Match Assessment - Tevye Brown

This gift gives you both a thirty-minute one-on-one session with Tevye to help you you’re your message and access to our Market to Message Match course that walks you through our system that uses the five P’s (Passion, Presence, Pathway, Problem, Profit) to validate that you choose a viable market that you will enjoy serving, will be receptive to your gifts and where you can grow and scale your business.

90 minute Arise Intuitive healing session - Suzie Bell

The Arise Healing session will help to dive into the roots of what is preventing you from being your highest and best self, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Because this all contributes to overall wellbeing. We will help you identify simple steps to take toward your amazing results.

Longevity/ Lifespan Assessment - Simone Kvalheim

An assessment based on Epigenetics, that offers a window into how to extend quality of life.

Personalized Skincare Package - Sheridan Wickens-Fogg

We thought of everything when putting together this gift for you.

  1. A free 20 minute – Tele-Skin (Zoom) appointment with Sheridan to identify your skin type, products and ingredients that support and nurture your skin, and identify services to ask for with your local skin care professional so you don’t waste any more time and money trying things that don’t work, that ultimately leave you disappointed.

  2. Skincare 101 treatments, active ingredients and skin type

  3. Week of Kindness super special deal on discount coupon for Storyderm skincare as well as additional discounts on other products.

Ultimate Stress Relief Kit - Sheridan Wickens-Fogg

Your free gift empowers you to take back control of your life, find more enjoyment and spend time doing the things you enjoy, worry less and become stress free. 1. 5-5-7 Breathing Technique that you can use anywhere at any time 2. A guided meditation that allows you to hit the pause button, relax and shift your mindset to move forward in your day feeling focused, healthier, and productive! 2. 10 Ways to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less – simple tips to incorporate during your day that will release stress, anxiety and tension.

Thrive in Your Work Place, Your Guide to Freedom & Stress-Free Work Relationships - Sharon Seaberg Nabhan

An audio coaching program and guide that is a step-by-step system that you can easily learn so you can exhale and enjoy your job, create positive connections with even the rudest co-worker and make your boss respect you, without losing yourself. Get your free audio coaching and guide to discover: The keys to creating great work relationships that get results. Tools to master communication in all of your relationships. Simple steps to create freedom in your work and life.

The Ohana Way Complete Online Course - Scot Conway ("Grandmaster Scot")

The Ohana Way Course. This online program comes with copies of Conway's books, workbooks, downloadable audios, and online video training - all in The Ohana Way - plus bonuses on top of that!

7 Essential Money Making Conversation Flowchart - Sarah Michael

Have the right conversation at the right time with the right person, and start finding high ticket clients everywhere.

10 Keys Every Professional Needs to Know before Walking on Stage - Rosalyn Kahn

Workshop on 10 Key Speaking Tips, Coaching Session, & Wordpress Resources

Business Strategy Conversation - Richard Kaye

What has to happen to bridge the gap between where you are and where you can be in your business? A deep dive conversation

The Thank and Grow Wellness Workshop - Noah Gabriel Press McIntyre

A month of Gratitude Wellness Workshops that include The Discover Gratitude Meditation Method, 22 Days of Discover Gratitude Journaling Exercises based on two decades of social science research and Integrative Nutrition Recipes for creating grateful living in your body, heart and mind.

Top 5 Energy Mistakes Costing You Money! - Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.

An Exclusive, just-in-time Energy Workshop that will show the participants how to STOP Wasting Their Emotional Energy and How To Get 2 Days Work Done In 1!

10 Steps To Gift Your Legacy - Natalie McQueen

Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave for your family and friends! Followed these 10 stops to get started on leaving your legacy.

Becoming a Trusted Leader - Mr. Ramesh Dewangan

9-Page Colorful eGuide with 13 steps to become Trusted leader.

Free Publicity Guide for Coaches - Mitch Russo

I publish a in-depth guide on creating massive publicity and presence for your brand, your products and your company.

Downloadable Law of Attraction Quote Cards - Michael Losier

Michael has compiled 10 of the KEY Training points he uses during his Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator Program.


The Health Transformation Trifecta - Matt Travis

This gift gives you all the pieces of the health and body transformation puzzle. 1. You will receive a health and body transformation hypnosis recording to support your subconscious mind during your transformation. 2. A recording of the masterclass on 'How To Guarantee a Forever Body Transformation' 3. A 30 min Breakthrough Transformation call to discover what is stopping your long term results and receive a nutrition plan (with macros, calorie, and portions) that’s personalized for your body, eating preferences, and goals.

Spiritual Manifestation 2022: How to Get it All - Marty Barigian

A 30 minute private assessment session with Marty. Releasing abundance, money, relationships, inner core, spirituality and desires.

The Key to More Harmonious Relationships with your Children - Unlocking The Treasure Chest - Martina Caviezel

4 steps for parents to find more calm, ease and more space to be. This 3 class mini course will support you to uncover what is underneath your challenges as a parent and empower you to make new choices.

Stay Positive No Matter What's Pissing You Off! - Martin Salama

4 Steps to UNCOVER Your Frustrations & Improve Your Mood

Business Clarity Activation - Marta Duda

Daily powerful practices of simple exercises and quick meditations to let your Soul be the CEO.

Earn More Stress Less Assessment - Marilyn Miller

Take a quick assessment and this leads to a complimentary strategic session

Passion to Profit - Lyndia Lipscomb


JOOSH up your zoom room look - Lyn Temperley

I will give you PASSIONATE ZOOM ROOM CONFIDENCE! In 2 hours you will be guided through the process of making you zoom room ready. Prior to your consultation, I will provide a check list of items to prepare. I have reduced the price to $497 for the attendees of the fabulous Toni Kaufman's 'Week of Kindness ad Gratitude'.

Master Your Messy Marketing - Master Your Messy Marketing

A collection of Marketing Mistakes business owners make that keep them from bringing in clients and making money. These are easily corrected mistakes that can propel your business and your online presence. This training package includes a video series as well as worksheets and an opportunity for a digital audit.

Spirit Guide Master Class - Lois Warnock

Tips to connect to your spirit guide/s. This master class will include a meditation to meet your spirit guide and then opportunity to receive messages from spirit channeled by Lois. I will be sharing messages for the group via my new 'Spirit Guide Soul Divination' Oracle Card Deck. We will also be setting some intentions for 2022 with spirits assistance! Get clarity in both business and personal goals for 2022!

A Healthful Life Workout Guide - Lisa Peranzo

Stay healthy and fit with pre-made workouts you can do from the comfort of your living room! The workouts are accessible to all fitness levels, requiring minimal to no equipment and flexible for the time parameters of your busy day! Want a more customized solution? Grabbing the free workouts gets you a 20% discount on 90 days of private coaching!

YOUR FIRST MILLIONS Ebook - Dr. Kevin Jackson

A book on Business Development

BYBD SuperYou Transformation Consultation - KUTI mack.

A one hour 1-on-1 consultation with KUTI that will not only assess where your fitness currently stands, but will also get to the true root of your roadblocks, then course-correct your path specifically in a way that has proven successful for over a decade and a half! You'll emerge with a crystal clear understanding of where you've been, why you're not finding success, and what your next steps towards being your best should be.

30-Min Breakthrough Call & Blueprint on How to Publish Your Book in 7 Easy Steps - Kelly Falardeau

With this gift you will know the 7 steps it takes to go from blank page to published book on Amazon plus with Kelly's free Breakthrough call you can ask her any questions about writing and publishing a book. PLUS attendees will receive a FREE Ticket to my upcoming BestSelling Author Mastery Live event Jan 28-30 $97 value

Jonathan Bengel - 5 Steps to Business Financial Happiness

Read through Jonathan's P.S.E.A.D (Pronounced "Seed") Method. It's his 5 areas that you need to know to step into who you were born to be: A Bad Ass CEO capable of making a ton of money, while paying just a fraction in taxes! PSEAD leads to your PFS. Personal Financial Security; the ability to make better business decisions to realize your dreams and the dreams of your family.

The Art of Prospecting Video Training - Jessica Koch

You must know who you want to work with in order to get that first meeting and work with them! You must know where you want to go in order to get there! This video will help you use some amazing free tools to help you Filter down to your best prospects!!

Free month in my transformation group. - Jenny Harkleroad

Spend 2 free hours programming your mind for success with me in my Zoom Transformation Group.

Ditch the Cookie Cutter Strategies to Grow Your Business - Jennifer Jayne

This short course will guide you through the ONE thing you need to clearly understand for your business. This foundational information will give you a clear path forward to growing your business in a way that feels good and aligns with what you want most in life. By the end of this program you'll be ditching the ""cookie cutter"" business solutions and creating your own strategies that align with the business you've always dreamed of growing!

Overwhelm To Action - Jennifer Evans aka ZenJen

Gift Overwhelm to Action Super Boost This workshop is live and interactive, for Entrepreneurs and Executives. I will show you how To:

Quiet the Constant Mind Chatter Feel Calm and Balanced Gain Clarity and Focus Become Ideas and Solutions Orientated Infuse your Day with Joy Feel Energized, Uplifted and Inspired to Take Action

Four 1 hour live sessions with replays available for you if you can’t make the lives. It will be fun, engaging and full of powerful and insightful guidance, with effective practical exercises and techniques.

With Q&A sessions, so I can I answer your questions regarding your specific situation. Facebook Group Community for continued support.

Speaker Training - Jay Johnson

I teach entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, authors etc how to articulate their messages and tell their stories effectively. I write their SignatureTalks and build emotionally engaging presentations to captivate their audiences so they can sell without selling.

Product Puzzle Pieces Gift + Live Workshop - James Lam


Here’s the truth I see over and over again.

Almost everybody I work with needs to get true clarity on their gift and how to build their product around that amazing gift. Before marketing, before funnels, before experimenting with making offers, the ONE THING that heart-centered entrepreneurs miss over and over again is their PRODUCT.

Product clarity brings sales. Period.

…and to help you with this, I’m offering you TWO HUGE GIFTS!

  1. Product Puzzle Pieces Guide: 5 Simple Steps to Finding clarity and Building the BEST product around your gifts that rings the cash register over and over again
  2. LIVE Product Puzzle Pieces WORKSHOP: Where we work hand in hand in a small group and you will leave with clarity around your best ever transformational product!

Product Puzzle Pieces Workshop:

At the Product Puzzle Pieces Workshop you will work with me and other experts on hand LIVE in a small group of heart-centered workshop over 4 hours to get clarity on your best product ever.

We move you from unstructured ideas, passions and concepts to a real world working model of how to monetize your genius with strong messaging, a basic understanding of how to monetize, and of course a huge sense of optimism.

I’ve worked with hundreds of heart-centered Entrepreneurs and this is the ALWAYS THE VERY FIRST STEP to their best ever business.


When heart-centered Entrepreneurs have slow sales, the vast majority think it’s the marketing. It’s NOT - It’s the product. Find clarity and passion in YOUR amazing product - join me for this free LIVE workshop.

Product -> Messaging -> Marketing -> Sales

If your product is wrong, it doesn’t matter how great your messaging or marketing is.

Product Clarity = Product Sales

My names is James and I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs. I work hand-in-hand to guide and support these inspiring healers, coaches, authors and speakers to get their inspiring messages out into the world. In this Workshop we will:

  • Find your unique market niche by focusing your product transformation around the one thing your competition can’t touch: YOU!
  • Quickly find the structure and price point of your product that rings the cash register over and over again.
  • Accelerate your product by months if not years. Receive direct and personalized feedback from established coaches who have saved or supported hundreds of online businesses
  • Sell with ease by finding complete clarity around your powerful product promise
  • Learn from REAL Entrepreneur case studies who made thousands in just weeks starting EXACTLY where you are now!
  • Create a plan to make thousands BEFORE you create your course, even if you have a teeny tiny list, and without ads, complicated funnels, sales pages or affiliates partners.

Lean into Grief Through the Holiday Season Masterclass - Heidi Dunstan

A free live online class that provides education on grief and the challenges of moving through grief and the holidays. This 90 minute Masterclass will talk about the challenges with grief during the holidays, and how to support someone who is grieving while everyone is celebrating.

Fear & Desire Worksheet - Gini Trask

The Fear & Desire Worksheet is all about helping you get to the bottom of what you truly deeply desire and identifying blocks or fears that are standing in the way.

FREE "Rock Your Brand" Ebook - Fiz Anthony

This ebook is designed to help Entrepreneurs "Rock Their Brand"!

Podcast Profits Bootcamp (Free Tuition!) - Erik K. Johnson

A 7-hour, full day bootcamp to help you build your audience engagement strategy and monetize your podcast. IN THIS BOOTCAMP YOU GET:

→ 6 ways to engage your audience

→ An opportunity to work side-by-side with Erik K. Johnson and other podcasters as you build your strategy

→ A workbook to guide you through the building process

→ Your questions answered

→ Feedback on your plan

→ A clear engagement strategy ready to implement

Free 1 hour Next Gen Consult with Ellen - Ellen K. Martin

Get a free 1 hour consultation with Ellen to discover how you can leverage emerging technologies to grow your business and your brand with online courses or membership sites.

In addition to the free consultation (worth $250), everyone who meets with Ellen will also have the opportunity to become a Founding Member in her new ""Next Gen"" eLearning and mentorship community.

Power of Connecting Mini-Bootcamp: Attract Colleagues & Better Friends - Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

Want to be more LIKEABLE? How Much $$$, Time, & JOY is a result to if you EFFECTIVELY connect deeper. ADVANCE YOUR CONNECTING SKILLS About this event Truth Bomb: It's not them; it's you. How often people want to connect with you is dependent on how well developed your people connecting skills are.

Not connecting it costing you TIME, MONEY, and FRUSTRATION by having the wrong people in your world!

Do you attract the right colleagues and friendships? Learn how!

Based on your actions and conversations, others will determine whether they want to connect deeper.

You cannot control if people want to see you again, and however, you can influence their decisions and get more favorable outcomes.

If you are not where you want to be in your ability to relate to and connect with others, you have the power to fix that! For example, it can start with committing to your need to make better connections, which requires personal development.

To improve your connecting skills, start with practicing kindness in your thoughts and actions. Over time, it will attract others, and happier people are a magnet to happier, successful people. Remember to show a sincere interest in others in all conversations (short and long) and offer something unique that makes you interesting.

Remember, school never taught us how to connect well with others. Training and role-playing can boost your relationship skills if you find others aren't asking you questions, remembering your conversations, or information about you. We can be your safe and fun resource to learn relationship-building skills through our Power of Connecting Bootcamp.

We are delighted to connect and will be deep diving into the 7 Secrets to Connecting Well Everywhere Every time to seriously jumpstart your connections.

Elizabeth is committed to your success!

She has trained thousands on the how to better connect in business and socially, she can help you too!

Join us and let me help guide you how and where to best connect when you talk with strangers, colleagues, potentials friends.

Stay well and stay blessed,

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, MBA

Award Winning Speaker ~ International Bestseller Author ~ Growth Consultant promo code WOK

End Your Anxiety. Deepen Your Inner Calm - Eliana Gilad

Ancient Healing Music Meditation Kit

Renewed Living Detox - Elaine Gibson

The 11-day clean eating system designed with real foods & simple steps that will change your life forever.

Self-Sabotage Quiz - Dr. Philip Agrios

It's a 9-Question quiz that gives them their Inborn Sabotaging Trait and it's Antidote and then thy can schedule a 30 min consultation with me for free.

Blueprint for Conscious, Compassionate Living - Dr. Pamela Gerali

A Booklet about the evolution and impact of the Blueprint for the Human Spirit, a new holistic paradigm for authentic, conscious, and compassionate living

Fast Path to High-End: 10 step guide by Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Engaging guide to creating your high-end transformational program. Includes a FREE 30 min Program Review Zoom Call

The Honey Pot that will Make YOU Smile from Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller

This honey pot that will make you smile is a gift is a composite of gifts from regarding consulting $500 & a free publicity press release $197; ca chance to win cryptocurrency gifts that may include and a free conference ticket $1497 from; and free ebooks to a chance to be published for free in a Keep Smiling book with 501(c)3 nonprofit $3500 - one random person out of everyone in the drawing will win a $5000 publicity consulting package.

5 Columns for Connectivity from Dr. Ali Lankerani

Discover how you can connect with others .

Complimentary Access to our "Assessathon" from Diane Devenyi

Contact us via email to to participate in the live targeted assessments for messy writing and poor spelling

How Does the World Really See You? from Deborah LeBlanc

Suggestibility evaluation of how you perceive the world sees you?

Whisper Wisdom Works! from Debora J. Hollick

FREE Masterclass that will be fun, interactive, informative and positive. Don’t we all need a huge helping of that! During this session, you will discover: • What the whispers are • WHY the whispers are crucial • HOW to recognize the whispers • HOW to USE their wisdom for your benefit

intenSati - mindful movement to create positive change by Dawn Gaden

intenSati means mindful intention. This is the first two courses in the Chakra series called Love In Action- the 7 Chakra healing course with movement and mantras. Chakra 1 course: I Belong, and Chakra 2 course: I Found My Mojo, includes videos and a workbook to guide you through this journey of creating the life you love through movement, mantras, music and meditation.

Get the Results You Want, 10 Principles for Everyday Leadership from Dan Kapellen

Some people seem to get the results they want with ease, while we struggle. When you struggle, do you wonder why? Here is the single most important concept to understand:

Leadership is a process of influence which motivates effort toward achievement of a goal.

Everyone is born a leader. Becoming an effective leader requires practice.

The eBook/workbook is designed to help you become the type of leader that you want to be. We visualize ourselves as a great leader. But we fall short and begin to doubt ourselves. Start here to put yourself on the path to greatness.

Event Archetype Quiz by Connie Zeller

Every event has a personality. Find out your event archetype. Don't plan your next event until you have taken the event archetype quiz.

Communication Style Assessment from Connie Whitman

The Free Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ will provide a framework so you can easily identify your superpowers and challenges associated with your communication style combination.

Using this tool you will have an opportunity to learn about your communication style and sharpen your skills so you can take advantage of perfecting your personal style. Which will help you master business situations such as: asking for the sale, handling conflict with ease, being and influential leader, master meeting facilitation, and much more.

Isn’t it time you fulfill your full communication potential and let it be the power behind your success? Let us provide you with the first step towards communication mastery!

Refuel for Success Course By Christine Franklyn

This five-module course is designed to give frazzled business owners the practical secrets that will optimize their lifestyle for success in every area. It includes step-by-step worksheets and a complimentary powerful Clarity Call with Christine, a taste of the bespoke solutions she offers.

Get More Clients and Keep Them Longer from Catharine O'Leary

Top 5 strategies to attract attention and build authority and trust with quizzes

Social Media Client Generator from Carolyn Shadrach

Social media can be a great place to generate clients, but how can you tap into this great source of leads without spending a ton of time on social media yourself?

Why do some people seem to effortlessly enroll loads of clients from social media, while others struggle to even convert a few leads?

This guide will show you how to build authority online and turn your social media profile into a consistent client generator. You’ll discover the 5 step process to create an automated sales process to get more leads and clients, including a BONUS Social Media Profile Checklist.

Deep Mind Clearing by Bryce Poole

Deep Mind Clearing teaches you how to identify and clear the limiting beliefs in your life.

On the River of Life, we do great till we hit a rapid that sends us into disruption, frustration, anger, anxiety, etc. What causes a rapid on a river? A rock at the bottom. Remove the rock below the surface and you remove the rapid.

Deep Mind Clearing empowers you to find the rocks causing your rapids (your obstacles to happiness and success) and gentle them away.

NOTE: To access requires an account at

45 to 60 Minutes - Strategy Session with Brenda Soucy

This 1:1 Strategy Session gives you the CLARITY to see where your greatest discontents are right now as well as what you’d love to have in your life.

After a little discovery, I will offer my professional assessment as to your next best action steps in a proven, reliable system with support! This serves you to reach your highest potential mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Are you ready to live a life you’d LOVE living?

Blaney's Exclusive Resources Guide + 30 Day Trial of Next for Success Accelerator Academy

You will get access to all the latest and greatest tech tools and services that can save you time and money with your business. Plus, 30 days in the NEXT Accelerator Academy to get help from Blaney to get the tool and systems implemented to help you shorten the learning curve. (2 hours a month of live training + over 50 recorded trainings)

Virtual Retreat Success Formula Bundle by Anne Gordon

Your success formula to create, fill and lead transformational virtual retreats with 3 full home study programs: 1. Create Transformational Virtual Retreats - Everything you need to create powerful online events. 2. Fill & Lead Retreats - Proven strategies to easily fill your virtual and live retreats. 3. Play the JV Game & Win - The best strategy to spread the word about your retreats.

Interview Power Pack from Annamarie Buonocore

The interview power pack includes the booklet "The 10 Keys to a Successful Interview as an Interviewer and Interviewee." Also included is the opportunity to be interviewed and featured in one of several magazines, on a radio station, and on a network television show. You will also receive two hours of interview coaching and education.

Guided Meditations or a Free 1:1 Appointment from Angela Legh

The guided meditation is a Self-Love activation; designed to help the user open their hearts to the miracle that they are.

10 Powerful Strategies for Growth Without Adding Costs From Andie Monet

This is a PDF Planner that explains the 10 strategies that you must understand and implement before any significant growth can occur in your business.

Crush Cravings from Vickie Griffith

Video download series that will show you how to crush cravings in 30 seconds

The 12 Key Ways to Inspire Loyalty from Your Clients, Stop Churn and Spread Your Reputation by Jackie Lapin

So let’s say you’ve been building a business for a few years, but it just doesn’t seem to grow…you gain clients and you lose them. That’s called churn. It’s like having a leaky sink. No matter how much water you put in, it never seems to fill up.

Wouldn’t it be great to see your client list and your revenue continue to grow and build on itself?

To do that, you have to inspire loyalty within your clients…give them a reason to stay around, to get excited about what could be next around the corner! They perceive the value of sticking around, and they are passionate about following you as a leader.

So there are the 12 Key Ways to Inspire Loyalty from Your Clients, Stop Churn and Spread Your Reputation!

In this presentation, you’ll discover: • How to uplevel your clients’ emotional investment in you and your program • How to make your clients feel heard and cared for • How to keep them engaged, intrigued and invested • How to make them yearn to want more from you and to get them to say yes to the next level without “selling” them

This will show you how to stay focused on what will strengthen the loyalty bond now and in the future—so that your business can steadily grow—without those nasty leaks.

Meditation Not Medicine book and digital course from Adam Weber

Confidence and Creativity Chat with Diann Alexander

Chat with Diann in person, sign up for your free 20 min session to ask any questions, and get your gifts. Schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call:

45-minute personal one-on-one Discovery call with Junie Swadron

A one-on-one 45-minute consultation and discovery session. This is for professionals and entrepreneurs who are serious about writing a best-selling book that outlines their passion and purpose, exposing them to countless people giving even more credibility to their name. The private consultation is also for anyone who has given serious thought to writing their memoir in order to leave a written legacy of their life to family members. They may also be motivated to write a memoir in order to help others navigate difficult situations that they have learned to overcome. I love working with writers who discover that their lives matter so they can promote their books either from their easy chair as a consultant or on stages near and far - all the while sharing wisdom they have gleaned over their lifetime. If you book this call during the Week of Kindness Summit, I will add an additional bonus of $100.00 off my Your Life Matters Author Mentorship Program.

Free Digital Copy of Your Life Matters by Junie Swadron

A Digital Copy of my #1 Best Selling Book, Your Life Matters - 8 Simple Steps to Writing Your Story. This book will inspire the reader to apply the 1st ABC writing principle (Apply Butt to Chair) tenet as they put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and turn their voice on the page into their voice in the world.

Flex Coaching On Demand Blueprint from Bill Pratt

Boost your sales and get new clients by offering this exciting new risk-free coaching model and literally earn coaching revenue today. In this report, I explain how this model works with FULL 60-minute sessions, why it is a win for you, and why it is a win for the client as well.


This gift of EnlighTea will bless you with the gift of one month free VIP Tea of the Month Club Subscription and access to our Tea of the Month Party where we get to do Tea Tastings, Tea Meditation, Tea Food Pairing and have a Tea Party together based on the teas you will receive! :)) Congratulations and get ready for your outstanding out of this world enlightening tea experiences!! 😱🎉🥳❤️🙏🍵☕️😊😇😎 email us for your promo code!! :)) PLUS 1 HOUR ONE ON ONE WITH TEA MASTER JAMES

Jill’s FREE Publicity Action Guide gives you:

Tips to capture media attention like newspapers and magazines, radio shows and podcasts Hotlists to find the right place to have you and your company or your book be seen Instructions so easy any team member can do them Step by step instruction to create a press release that gets noticed Secret strategies of successful public relations firms

And more!

Beginner Investor Toolkit by Millen Livis

Beginner Investor Toolkit will provide you with specific steps on how to become a STRATEGIC INVESTOR, so you grow your wealth, know how to manage financial risk, and make your money work for YOU!

Get the Results You Want, 10 Principles for Everyday Leadership by Dan Kapellen

Some people seem to get the results they want with ease, while we struggle. When you struggle, do you wonder why? Here is the single most important concept to understand:

Leadership is a process of influence which motivates effort toward achievement of a goal.

Everyone is born a leader. Becoming an effective leader requires practice.

The eBook/workbook is designed to help you become the type of leader that you want to be. We visualize ourselves as a great leader. But we fall short and begin to doubt ourselves. Start here to put yourself on the path to greatness.

Writing and Publishing the Short Book Package

Book-101 Surprising Tips To Promote Your Book (Or Anything) and a One Hour Coaching Session to go with it.

Authenticity Assessment from Norma Hollis

Would you like to understand yourself at a deeper and more profound level? Many successful people have said that the first step to true success is self-awareness. If you would like to gain the self-awareness that leads to increased success and no regrets, take the Authenticity Assessment and connect with the most authentic and meaningful dimensions of yourself.

Ten Sure-Fire Techniques to Inspire Your Audience from Kimberly Crowe

In the Zoom era, presenting material to a virtual audience and keeping them engaged can be very challenging!

Here are 10 strategies to keep your audience engaged and energized during your next virtual meeting or webinar.

Money Magnet Program

20 Prosperity Healing for Empaths to be Money Magnets

How To Win The Inner Game of Money from Monica Bozinov

Reveal the true core issues behind money blocks and learn how you can unlock the money that is waiting for you.

Lifecycle Marketing Mastery from David Baer

Create winning systems to attract, convert, and retain more clients, AND make more money doing it. In Lifecycle Marketing Mastery, you'll discover the easy way to realize greater profits by winning the right clients and keeping them for life. With these systems you'll save hundreds of hours and tons of marketing dollars plus give yourself the freedom to bring in more money so you can invest in what's most important to you.

8 Ways to Stay Highly Motivated Every Day from Lee Atherton

8 Ways to Stay Highly Motivated Every Day